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Many Ukrainian artists were left without a livelihood due to the brutal Russian aggression. At the same time, most of them support the volunteer movement that helps the Ukrainian resistance. The sale of original artworks in Ukraine is extremely difficult now due to the destroyed logistics. Please buy prints by Ukrainian artists on Print-On-Demand services - get great art prints for your home, give artists some earnings and support their volunteer activities! Thank you!


The artist is the refugee of Russian-Ukrainian war now. You could purchase some prints to support Mayk's Photo.Art activities during Russian invasion and his volunteering for the Ukrainian resistance. Or just donate via PayPal here. Or just share your favorited artwork on social media. Thank you very much!

About Andrii Maykovskyi

Andrii Maykovskyi Thank you for visiting Mayk's Photo.Art online shop!

My name is Andrii Maykovskyi. I'm travel art photographer living in Chernihiv, Ukraine. Member of the National Society of Photo Artists of Ukraine, member of art association 'Kyivphotos-Hall'.

My native city was bombarded by russian troops from the start day of russian invasion and has damaged significantly now. My family with 7-years-old son stayed living there for 21 days of war even with no communication, power, heating, water, gas supply and with temperature in house +7oC. But we were forced to leave our home when three shells flew into it. We are living now in Ternopil, Ukraine, trying to continue Mayk's Photo.Art activities and to volunteer in support of the Ukrainian resistance.

I photograph landscapes, architecture, destinations, nature with a passion to find and to convey the soul of the subject matter. To explore what is beyond a 'flat image' is my exciting artist journey. I try to study how artistry emerges at the point where subject matter meets the photographer’s eye, photography techniques, and software post-production.

I shoot with Fujifilm X-E1 and Sigma DP2 cameras. I think that software post-production is as important in digital photography art as the darkroom operations in the film photography era. So I've developed a unique photo post-production studio based on the free hobbyist-driven Haiku operation system and free post-production software. Also I use the studio that works on openSUSE (that's Linux) with open source editing software.

Grateful for your attention and support!